Mission & Values

Clarkson College offers a remarkable range of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs designed to prepare individuals for both entry-level and highly advanced roles in various health care disciplines. With the support and oversight of the Executive Leadership Team and the Board of Trustees, the College continually innovates in education and scholarship to ensure that we meet the needs of students and the ever-changing field of health care.


Preparing students to professionally provide high quality, ethical and compassionate health care services.


The preferred educator in the region graduating knowledgeable, skilled and morally grounded health care professionals.



The lifelong process of education through both structured and unstructured experiences.


A level of performance in which all individuals strive for extraordinary quality.


Adherence to moral and ethical standards in personal, professional and organizational actions.


Dedication and accountability to the shared mission of Clarkson College.


An empowering relationship through an attitude of empathy, compassion and respect for those with whom we interact, serve and lead.