Types of 金融援助

PG电子APP has many financial aid options, and the majority of our students qualify for some form of assistance. Financial aid provided by PG电子APP is intended to supplement, not replace, family resources. Because funds for financial aid are mainly provided by the federal and state governments, the requirements specified by these governments determine who is eligible for aid and the amount to be awarded.


奖助金 provide funding to students without requiring any repayment. Organizations and agencies award grant money to students based on financial need, academic achievements and career goals. Review grant information


奖学金 are awarded each year to students who demonstrate qualities such as, 但不限于, outstanding academic achievement, leadership involvement and financial need. The funds come from multiple sources and do not have to be repaid. Learn about scholarships


贷款 are a type of financial aid that requires repayment after graduation and are awarded after your eligibility for grants, scholarships and 联邦半工半读的 (FWS) is considered. View loan information


  • Federally and institutionally funded.
  • On-campus employment opportunities for undergrads with financial need.
  • Eligibility determined from FAFSA.
  • Average earnings per semester of $1,500.

Student Financial Services

Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. 到下午4:30.m. 中科

Student Financial Services Office
101 South 42nd Street
奥马哈,ne68131 -2739
PH 402.552.2749 FX 402.552.6165
金融援助: financialaid@ffmrnfakwd.com
学生账户: studentaccounts@ffmrnfakwd.com